Our Board

The Board of Trustees (Establishment)

As an integrated school, Hamilton Christian School has two boards.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall governance of the school.  In the opening months of 2020, the Board will be an Establishment Board of Trustees which has been appointed by the Minister of Education.  It is expected that a Board of Trustees will be elected later in the year.

The Board can be contacted by emailing boardoftrustees@hamiltonchristian.school.nz

Mr Brett BennettChairSouthside Church (Pastor)
Mrs Esré BezuidenhoutTrusteeThe Village Church
Mr Dave WyllieTrusteeActivate Church
Mr Ernie PeneTrusteeHukanui Bible Church
Mr Hayden BosgraTrusteeReformed Church of Hamilton
Mrs Barbara HaefeleSecretaryActivate Church
Mr Jason FarmerTrusteeReformed Church of Hamilton
Mr Shaun BrookerPrincipalActivate Church

The Board of Proprietors

The key responsibilities for the Board of Proprietors is to provide appropriate buildings for the school to operate and to be the determiner and guardian of Hamilton Christian School’s special character. 

The Board can be contacted by emailing boardofproprietors@hamiltonchristian.school.nz

Mr Brett BennettChairSouthside Church (Pastor)
Mrs Esré BezuidenhoutSecretaryThe Village Church
Mr Dave WyllieTreasurerActivate Church
Mr Andrew ClementsDirectorOaks Christian Fellowship
Mr Robert van WoerdenDirectorHukanui Reformed Church
Mr Aaron KraakmanDirectorBridges Church
Mr Simon FinlayDirectorGateway Church