Residential Care Accommodation

Residential Care Accommodation

Thank you for considering HCS residential care accommodation.

Hamilton Christian School offers residential care services to international students above the age of 10. Residential care accommodation is not on the school campus but in the homes of our wonderful school community. Each homestay family have carefully considered if they would like to welcome an international student into their homes. Once they have, we have helped each one of them through the process of becoming an HCS approved residential care provider. Rigorous safety checks are done before we approve a family to host our international students. These checks include the following:

  • Police vetting of all adults living in the house
  • Reference check
  • Interviews with all adults living in the house
  • Full inspection of the room and facilities

Student needs and homestay family preferences are mostly considered before a student is placed in residential care.  Once the student and family are matched, both are provided with relevant information, respectively. While the student is in a residential care facility, the homestay coordinator

  • Follows up regularly with the student and family
  • Home visits
  • Provides support in terms of cultural sensitivity
  • Dedicated person for support and hand holding

If this is what you are looking forward to, please indicate your needs in the Application Form, and we will take it from there.