Our uniform is supplied by Kukri Sports New Zealand LTD and is available at the store or can be purchased online. We strongly advise that you visit the Kukri store to try on items prior to purchasing online.

Details for the store are: KUKRI SPORTS - 2/45 The Boulevard, Te Rapa Park, Hamilton. Telephone number:  07 846 1023

The on-site uniform shop will no longer be operating although there could be a very limited amount of stock that will be available from reception for a discounted price, please enquire at reception if this is the case.

Hamilton Christian School expects that students will present themselves in a tidy and respectable way. Parents are expected to support the school totally in ensuring students wear only regulation items.

To view our uniform code, please click here.

Second-Hand Uniform for Sale

Hamilton Christian School does not have a second-hand uniform shop. If you have items of uniform that are second-hand and you would like to on-sell them to another family, we would appreciate that these would only be sold if they are of good quality and meet the uniform expectations for the school. We have a second-hand uniform page on our school Facebook page, for this purpose. To access this, please like our Facebook page and join the Second-hand Uniform group. Please note that any purchase/sale will be between the parties and will not have anything to do with the school.