Primary School

Welcome to the HCS Primary School

The Primary School of Hamilton Christian School caters for students from Year 1– 6. As a smaller school, we have the advantage of providing each student with the individual attention they need to grow in their unique, God-given personality and abilities.


We firmly believe that sport plays a key role in the education process in the life of a child. We therefore strive to involve all our children in the various sporting activities that we offer, as we are of the opinion that a healthy body is vital in the forming of a healthy mind. Our children take part in a wide range of sporting activities e.g. hockey, netball, football, athletics and cross country.


Students are exposed to a  variety of cultural experiences at Hamilton Christian School. From visiting local sites of cultural interest, to musical performances, plays and productions, we have a lot on offer in this regard.


We encourage our students to value the importance of helping others. This is a daily focus in class, on the playground and on the sports field as students interact with one another. Hamilton Christian School works in partnership with Tear Fund, a Christian charity that aims to assist children living in poverty. Our children are involved in this cause by fundraising through mufti days.