Construction Zone

From the Team Leaders

The Construction Zone is a collaborative space that caters for approximately 95 Year 3 and 4 students who love to learn, grow and get creative. 

As team leaders (Maria Farmer and Bron Brooker) we lead a wonderful team of passionate, experienced and fun-loving teachers who take great joy in facilitating the melding of what it means to be a Christian and a life-long learner. In the CZ we aim to equip our young learners with the skills, knowledge and experiences they need to embark on a successful school-based learning journey.

In the Construction Zone, we strive for academic excellence, approaching the curriculum from a Biblical perspective in a creative, hands-on manner. A big part of the learning in the Construction Zone is that our students know that they are continuously under construction: they are discovering who they are in Christ, their value, what their purpose is, and where their God-given strengths lie. We want the children to love Jesus, and we encourage the building of a strong relationship with Him through daily devotions, worship and an integrated Christian worldview. 

Our space is divided into four classrooms and each child has their own pastoral care teacher (PCG).  Our beautiful, modern, purpose built classrooms have glass-sliding doors that provide great learning spaces as well as the opportunity to create a big meeting place for everyone. 

Our students learn that learning is a life-long journey and although we may all follow different roads, experiencing unique potholes and roadworks, drive ‘vehicles’ with different speeds, we all achieve personal success based on our individual goals and talents. 

We have fun, we learn together, we grow together, we make mistakes together - we are kids under construction!


Maria Farmer and Bron Brooker

Team Leaders – Year 3-4 (The Construction Zone)

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