The Base

From the Team Leader

Hamilton Christian School caters for approximately 180 students across the Primary School, which consists of three learning hubs.

The Base is the Year 5 and 6 learning hub. Debbie Paterson, an experienced Christian educator, together with a team of vibrant young teachers leads this area.  They strive to deliver a curriculum that is relevant, purposeful and strongly based on our Christian values.

We want to see students from this area of the primary school develop: 

  • a personal relationship with God 
  • strengthen their interpersonal skills that have been developing over the years
  • begin to gain confidence in themselves as members of a Christian community.

The Base is so named because this is the launch pad into so many things.  This is the time where our children take on a leadership role, where they learn to lead by example and learn that leadership is serving and encouraging others’. 

The aim is to send our young students into the Middle School, aware of their gifts and talents eager and keen to explore their passions and interests in the world around them.

A key scripture that is important to us in helping our children understand and develop the ability to discern different situations in life and how to make the wise choices, is Matthew 7:24; therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.


Debbie Paterson
Team Leader – Year 5 - 6 (The Base)

Curriculum Outlines & Term Letters


We firmly believe that sport plays a key role in the education process in the life of a child. We therefore strive to involve all our children in the various sporting activities that we offer, as we are of the opinion that a healthy body is vital in the forming of a healthy mind. Our children take part in a wide range of sporting activities e.g. hockey, netball, football, athletics and cross country.


Students are exposed to a  variety of cultural experiences at Hamilton Christian School. From visiting local sites of cultural interest, to musical performances, plays and productions, we have a lot on offer in this regard.


We encourage our students to value the importance of helping others. This is a daily focus in class, on the playground and on the sports field as students interact with one another. Hamilton Christian School works in partnership with Tear Fund, a Christian charity that aims to assist children living in poverty. Our children are involved in this cause by fundraising through mufti days.