The Beehive

From the Team Leader

The Beehive is a collaborative learning space for our Year 1 and 2 students who love to be busy, creative and adventurous which it why we a known as “The Beehive”.

Our numbers grow throughout the year as children begin their school journey with us.  To support the transition from ECE, children start in our Reception/ Year 1 space.  When they are ready they move across to join our bigger Year 1 and 2 space.

As team leader of the Beehive, I am blessed to lead a team of experienced, passionate and talented teachers who strive to make learning fun, hands-on, positive and engaging for every child.

In the Beehive we equip our young students with foundational skills that they need to be successful lifelong learners and instil a curiosity in God, our Creator.   A big part of learning in the Beehive focuses on building connections and  learning to learn as we all work together and grow as a team.  Ultimately, we want our students to discover who they are in Christ, their value, their purpose and where their strength comes from.   We want the children to love Jesus and understand that He loves them too. Our daily devotions, worship and integrated Christian worldview aim to set their minds and hearts on building a strong relationship with Him.


Naomi Verner

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