Secondary School

Welcome to the HCS Secondary School

The Secondary Department of Hamilton Christian School educates students in Years 10-13. We aim to provide an education environment where excellence in attitude and academics is valued as part of a Christ-centered educational experience.

About the Department

Our Secondary programme is based on the NZ NCEA Curriculum and assessments while still being presented from a Christian worldview. We offer a wide range of subject choices and the Correspondence School (Te Kura) augments our curriculum. Our academic programme is complemented by a wide range of sporting, cultural and outreach opportunities, ensuring a well-balanced educational experience.

We aim to equip students with the skills and qualities they need for a lifetime of learning and to use their talents to serve God within the wider community. Our staff are highly qualified professionals in their fields of teaching, committed to top standards. We employ staff who are passionate about setting a Godly example to our students on a daily basis and who genuinely care about students’ wellbeing and development. Students are encouraged to interact with and encourage children from younger year levels by means of our buddy system and are also involved with a wide variety of other outreach programmes within the community.


In the Secondary School, the New Zealand National Curriculum is followed. For more information on the outcomes and qualifications associated with the curriculum, please visit the NZQA website:

As a Christian school, we bring certain Christian assumptions to our academics in all subjects. The most important are as follows:

  1. That God is Author and Sustainer of all, and that mankind is made in His image.
  2. That God is moral and righteous, that mankind’s natural state is to be alienated from Him because of sin, but that the broken relationship may be restored through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
  3. That God may and should be known, and that ignorance of Him is to some extent willful ignorance. (Romans 1:18,19)
  4. That we are ultimately responsible to Him, and must answer for the way we have lived and the use made of our God-given abilities.
  5. That real life can only be found in knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ, (John 17:3).
  6. That real satisfaction can only be known in doing His Will (John 4:34).
  7. That God’s general and particular will may be discovered through the prayerful and obedient consideration of the Scriptures, which centre on Jesus Christ.
  8. That the key to happiness and fulfillment is selflessness, not selfishness and that in essence God’s commands are for us to love Him with our whole being, and our neighbours and ourselves (Luke 10:27).


At Secondary level, students have a variety of sporting options to choose from. We offer rugby, hockey, archery, swimming, athletics, lacrosse, netball, tennis and football among other options. We are incredibly proud of all our sports stars and those who achieve a high degree of sporting excellence, but we simply also encourage our learners to enjoy their sporting activities and so cultivate a healthy lifestyle.


Students are exposed to a variety of cultural experiences at Hamilton Christian School. From visiting local sites of cultural interest, to musical performances, plays and productions, we have a lot on offer in this regard.


We have a variety of outreach opportunities both within our local community and further abroad that our secondary students are able to take part in. Our Secondary school students are very involved with our initiatives in partnership with Tear Fund. They are also involved with ‘Operation Christmas Child’, a Samaritan’s Purse initiative that aims to provide children from poorer countries with useful items and gifts over Christmas time.

Students also take part in community service days on school grounds, where they give their time to help staff and younger students with a variety of tasks and opportunities. Our students are also active within the wider community through initiatives such as building friendships with special needs children at local schools. We are blessed to be able to send our students and staff on a bi-annual mission trip where they serve communities located in other countries.